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Security Guard Company Newark NJ
Security Guard Company Newark, New Jersey
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Security Guard Company Newark NJ
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Security Guard Company - Newark (NJ)
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Security Guards Newark, New Jersey – Armed Security Guard Company
Security Guard Company - Newark, New Jersey
Security Guards Newark, NJ

Hire the Respected Security Guard Company Newark NJ for Your Peace of Mind
In your day to day life, you are faced by security threats on an individual level and otherwise. Whether you are a family man hoping to keep your family safe or a businessman with the intention of protecting your business, a reputable security guard company Newark NJ is what you need. 

Security Guard Company Newark New Jersey, Security Guards, Armed Guards Newark NJ

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Security Threats

There are many different security threats that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. You may be kidnapped, your business may be broken into or someone may even decide to burglarize your home. If you are a high profile individual, being in the public eye means you are more exposed to such security threats. When it comes to matters of security, it is always better to be safe than sorry. That is why hiring security guards Newark NJ should be on the forefront of your priorities. 

USPA International is a private security guard company Newark NJ that offers state of the art security services in the US and 14 other countries. With a robust staff of 2,700 guards who have gone through the Certified Contractor Program, USPA International aims at giving our clients the peace of mind they require to go about their days without worrying about their security. 

We offer various services that cater to the various needs of different clients. These include:

Armed security guards for dignitaries
High profile individuals such as government officials, public figures and other VIPs require protection services due to many factors. In order to ensure that dignitaries are protected at all times, we offer armed security guards Newark NJ to ensure 24-hour protection of our clients. Our armed security guards are trained to detect potential threats and thwart security breaches before they occur. This way, our clients can feel safe at all times. Even though most dignitaries have their own security teams, we make available our services in order to ensure that these teams are beefed up. 

Secure transport for high profile individuals
USPA International also provides secure transport services for public figures who wish to travel safely in their various undertakings. We identify the various security threats that may pose a problem to the VIP and come up with plans of action that will be followed in case of anything. We have the necessary manpower and equipment to survey possible threats and secure high profile individuals throughout their duration of travel.

Given we are always prepared with a plan B, we liaise with the relevant authorities such as the fire department so that they can be on hand to provide back-up in case of an emergency.

Disaster recovery
Our security guards Newark NJ will secure your premises and ensure no unauthorized persons access your business in the aftermath of a disaster. For instance, after a bad storm or an earthquake, unauthorized persons may take advantage of the confusion afterwards to access your servers, thereby breaching your security. Our guards are trained in handling such situations. Your business’ security is of utmost concern to us and we go to great lengths to ensure your private information remains private and secure.

Government facilities
Government facilities are not immune to security threats. In fact, as far as security threats are concerned, government facilities are vulnerable as they hold delicate information and assets which if compromised may have deadly consequences as far as national security is concerned.

USPA International offers reliable solutions to government agencies to ensure their security is not in any way breached. Besides offering security technologies which cannot be compromised, we ensure our armed guards Newark NJ are trained on terrorism awareness, enabling them to easily detect threats and thwart their actions.

Private clients
We do not just deal with businesses and individuals who are in the public domain. Our company does not discriminate against anyone. Our armed guards Newark NJ also provide protection to private clients. All you need to do is ask for our services and we will be more than happy to provide them for you. If you have been a victim of stalking, our close protection officers will provide you with residential protection so that you can feel safe going about your normal daily routine. 

Families often have varying needs in terms of security. A family with young children may require a highly-trained nanny who will not only take care of the children’s basic needs but also provide them with security. For this, we have nanny guards. Our security guard company Newark NJ provides highly-trained nannies with unmatched levels of situational awareness. Our nanny guards are trained to deal with travel security, abduction mitigation, secure driving and evacuation. As a working parent, you need the peace of mind knowing that your children are in safe hands whenever you leave home for work.

In summary, this is why you should choose USPA International:

1. Our bodyguards are experienced and highly qualified.
2. Our security experts are multilingual and therefore capable of providing security services internationally, with much ease.
3. We conduct worldwide site surveys with an aim of catering to your needs.
4. Our security agents are experienced in offering proactive and reactive security services.
5. Our armed guards Newark NJ make up a highly responsive management team that is always on standby.
6. We customize our security services to suit individual client needs.
7. We are a diverse security company, catering to corporates, government agencies, families and even private individuals.

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