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Security Guard Company Edison NJ
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Security Guard Company - Edison (NJ)
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Security Guards Edison, New Jersey – Armed Security Guard Company
Security Guard Company - Edison, New Jersey
Security Guards Edison, NJ

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USPA International is a security guard company Edison NJ that aims at providing its clients with state of the art security solutions for different situations depending on the clients’ needs. We have 2,700 highly-experienced security guards who are trained to handle security matters such as securing dignitaries, businesses, dealing with terrorism situations, abductions and numerous others. Whether you are in need of security guards for yourself or company, you should choose to hire USPA International.

+1(800) 915-9385 | USPA International Security – Security Guard Company Edison, New Jersey. Providing licensed armed guards, bodyguards and security guards Edison, NJ

Security guard company Edison New Jersey, security guards, armed guards Edison NJ

Here’s why we are the best:

Professional security guards Edison NJ
We don’t just provide security guards but also make sure they are highly-trained and experienced in handling firearms, identifying security threats and dealing with them. Our guards are also capable of providing mobile patrol services when necessary. We also provide security professionals who specialize in protecting children from possible threats such as kidnapping, abduction and so on. 

Our portfolio speaks for itself
We are a reputable security guard company Edison NJ with our past clients ranging from well-known business executives to celebrities and government officials in New Jersey and other parts of the US. Our security guards have provided protection in some of the most respected establishments in New Jersey. We are more than happy to offer you the same quality services that we have offered our clients in the past. 

Exceptional service
Right from our customer service, we ensure our clients are treated professionally and courteously. It is a common misconception that security guards should be rough and uncourteous in order to instill fear in potential threats. This is far from true and we train our guards to treat the client’s customers and visitors with utmost respect. The presence of armed guards Edison NJ in your establishment will not make your customers feel afraid. Instead, their presence will be reassuring and make your customers feel safe.

Certified and licensed security professionals
We only employ security professionals who are certified and licensed to provide security services. Before we send out our security guards Edison NJ we require them to undergo the Certified Contractor Program. Before we send guards to your premises, we sit down with you and discuss your needs so we can best understand which type of security guard suits you best. 

Affordable security services
A lot of people are deterred from seeking security services because they are afraid they will not be able to afford them. At USPA International, we are committed to ensuring our services are affordable to those who may need them. We know that everybody needs to feel safe and protected at all time. This is why our security services come at affordable costs. We not only provide you with the best armed guards Edison NJ we ensure that you don’t leave a hole in your wallet while at it. 

Whether you are hoping to secure your property or keep your loved ones safe, it is of paramount importance that you hire only the best. Your safety, and that of your family or business, is of utmost importance and should never be gambled with. That is why you should choose the best of New Jersey, and this happens to be USPA International.

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